Day 45 & 46 – HOME!! – March 15 & 16, 2019

Day 5 – Making our way to Sydney!!

This is it,  the final run to Sydney.

We motored out into Two-Fold Bay at Eden and headed North.   Large pods of Dolphin escorted us out and the sun is shining.

A wonderful SE is building to help push us home so up came the sails and we had a lovely sailing day.

By late afternoon the wind continued to build to a steady 15-20 knots so we reefed the mail-sail to get ready for overnight sailing.    We tend to error on the side of caution and reef during the nights particularly if the wind is healthy and gusting.  That way we can relax a bit and settle in with less stress and allows one of us to take turns getting some sleep.

When reefing the sails we turned the motor on to help control pointing into the wind and keeping us there.   After a few minutes of motoring both of us smelled the smell of hot plastic or a melting wire smell.  We finished reefing then Evan went down to take a look.  Everything looked okay but the Alternator was very hot.    It seems as if the Alternator is being worked too hard with the regulator, possibly.   So we are going to stick with sailing and will use the motor at the end only to dock at MHYC marina. (that’s the plan)

Overnight was gusty and the wind waves a bit uncomfortable as we had swells from the SE and E.   when they match up we get tossed around a bit but otherwise it was uneventful night.

On AIS we have several sailing vessels with us that are taking advantage of the SE winds.  Friends we had met last year in Sugarloaf Bay (Sydney) were helping deliver ‘Fire of Spring’ a Hanse 445 which we were just managing to stay in front of.   (Cruisers never race hahahahaha 😀 ).  It was a nice feeling having company.

Carolanne (of Beyond Cool) on “Fire of Spring’ took this photo of us near Botany Bay.    What a great shot!

Nearing Sydney we finally see the city and know home is around the corner!

Time was moving so slowly, it felt like two lifetimes passed to actually get near the heads.   ‘Fire of Spring’ had finally caught up to us as we peeled away toward the heads.   What had also caught up with us was great storm cells.   We could see them developing and heading our way.  We decided to unhook the electrical wires on the alternator quick smart so we could use the motor sooner without burning anything up in the process.    Evan had the wires unhooked and we started the motor just as the squall hit.   RAIN,  lots of RAIN and a total white out around us.

A great welcome home!!

We furled the sails and motored our way toward Sydney Harbour.   Visibility finally increased and it was great to see the Manly Ferries running and the sights we have become so accustomed to and grown to love.

Middle Harbour Yacht Club a sight for sore eyes!  We tied up at the end of the tee-head tired and very hungry.  we made our way upstairs at the club for dinner before taking a taxi home for showers and sleep.

Tomorrow we will unload Nashira and give her a good clean and take her to her mooring.  She has gotten us home safely, we love her and we have learned so much this trip albeit not always what we were expecting.   I have again learned not to take running water and electricity for granted, ever.   I have learned and appreciate the importance of having someone on board who keeps a level head no matter what is thrown at you.

I have learned that we can get scared or worried but we keep going,  working to survive and that  ‘overcoming our fears’ seems so much more rewarding than sitting safely in our living room watching someone else doing it on TV.    We are learning.


  1. Gill

    Kelly such an interesting report, you express well what we all might feel but don’t have your words

    1. admin

      Thank you Gill xoxoxo

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