Day 39 & 40 – Shake down cruise. Port Cygnet Regatta Mar 9 & 10, 2019

We stayed overnight at Kettering marina and checked in the morning,  No leaking, we are still dry!  Good sign.

Evan entered us in the Cygnet regatta which means today we will be racing from Kettering down to Port Cygnet.  On Sunday there is a race around the cans in Port Cygnet.   We have no idea where we are going course wise,  where the start line is or anything.  We do know the race starts at Kettering at 12 noon.

Judy visited us at the marina as we were finishing getting the topping lift installed.  Evan went up the mast to help the line through the fittings since it would not cooperate by running it up on a mouse line from the deck.     We got Evan down safely, had a cup of tea and Judy filled us in on the regatta.   Armed with information and ready to go we said goodbyes and are off.

Tootling out from the marina there are LOTS of boats heading down the channel for the race start.

Sea Echo 2 with Greg and Judy showed up to watch the race start! Fantastic!

The start boat was found and we settled in for the start.   The winds were light and variable so Evan got the Pink Lady set up to use. (our spinnaker,  Thank you ‘Mach two’)  The start signal sounded and we were off with about 40 other sailboats.

The race is approximately 20 or so nautical miles down the channel then up the Huon river to Port Cygnet.   We flew the Pink Lady all the way until we rounded into Port Cygnet where the wind died.  Sitting idle for about 30 minutes with most of the other competitors we finally decided to retire from the race,  motor in and anchor.   About 45 minutes later the diehard competitors started arriving as little puffs of breeze pushed them along.   We had the best seat in the house watching them arrive.

The evening was spent at the Post Cygnet Sailing club for dinner, music and mingling with others.  It was a vibrant fun evening.

Nashira passed the day with flying colours,  Still dry in the engine bay we settled in for a great night sleep.

At 10am the next morning we had a briefing at the sailing club for the days races.   There was no breeze at all in the morning but we were promised 5 to 15 knots by noon.    The morning here is stunning though.

As promised the breeze did come in and we had a terrific race.  There were some classic beauties here as well.

We finished our division by mid afternoon and hightailed it back to Kettering for the evening.   The engine had a blockage that had to be cleared on the way back and the autopilot decided to play up but after a reboot it is working fine.   Gosh can we please have an uneventful trip for a change!!!!

Making it back to Kettering by 6:30pm we had desert with Greg, Judy and Frank before hitting the sack.   Tomorrow morning we are off to Sydney.

The plan so far is get fuel in the morning.  Fill up our water tanks and head for the Denison Canal by 8am.



  1. Great to hear all of the repairs are done, tested and ready for your return. Will be keeping an eye on you guys on your trip back on AIS, so Chris and I wish you fair winds and following seas!

    David. Flexible Drive

    1. admin

      Thank you David, I hope you get that chance to have wonderful adventures on the water. Thanks again for all of your help. Our steering cables are so much nicer now. Our autopilot ‘steady eddy’ is able to handle with much less stress. Best wishes Kelly and Evan

    2. Evan

      Thanks David the steering is brilliant. You guys did an awesome job for us. Thanks again. Cheers Kelly and Evan

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