Day 24 – Riedle Bay to Schouten Island – Feb 23rd

The SW wind started about 11pm,  In bed by 8pm meant it felt like we have slept for ages already.  That didn’t deter us, Back to sleep until the anchor alarm went off at 4am.   Now it is a full night sleep.    Evan read a book for a while whilst I happily went back to sleep.    I finally woke up at 7am, good grief that’s 11 hours sleep!

The clouds outside look like snow clouds, soft, smoogie at the edges, not defined.  The bay is nicely protected as my app shows 20+  SW wind outside while we enjoy almost no wind just a little gust now and again that reaches us.  Nice!

Evan is cooking Breakfast!  YAY!   He advised me not to get too excited lol!!

Today we are heading up to Schouten Passage to catch up with Greg and Judy who are presently hiding away in Moreys Bay.  It will be good to see them and good to deliver the groceries they requested.

Leaving Riedle at 10am we had a rocket ride to Schouten Island.   We bat winged the sails after adding a few more sheets to hold a headsail pole up, down, forward etc.  We had more sheets all over Nashira that it was sometimes confusing but we are finally getting our rigging organised.

We arrived at 3pm to a most beautiful location.  The colour of the water is again outstanding.  Like the swimming pool in a 5 star resort.

Greg and Judy are our welcoming committee and advised us by text that there were so many boats at Schouten that it was like grand central station.    They weren’t wrong.   I guess with it being a Saturday and in the height of Tassie summer I understand.

We anchored in amongst the crowds.  Greg and Judy dingied over and gave us a lift to the beach where we had a nice walk and enjoyed the great company.

There is a little bear rock formation walking up to the top of the mountain.  Can you see it?

Getting back into the swing of holidays.   So glad we have a little time to explore our way up the east coast.   Last time we had to rush back and missed seeing so much.   Being blessed with such good friends and such a beautiful part of the world reminds me that living is not only about work and stress.

Add your thoughts?