Day 20 – Bruny Island – 14th Feb 2019

Happy Valentines Day!

Bruny Island Finally!!!  We collected Frank and Michelle just after 8am and headed to the ferry.  I am going to let the photos do most of the talking here as Bruny Island is a must see when you come to Hobart.

The car ferry has two decks and I gracefully (if I do say so myself) drove us onto the top deck.  Across the D’Entrecasteaux Channel to the north end of Bruny Island the ferry glides solidly not being affected by the water or wind.   I’m not used to this,  it is so different on Nashira. 

Having been told to head South at the first T-intersection and visit the Cheese and Beer Co. and the oyster place, we did as duly instructed.    It was too early to eat so on to the Isthmus (our word for the day!)

Check this place out!   

The narrow isthmus joins the two parts of the island. This is home to the Truganini Lookout – a timber stepped boardwalk that takes you to some of the most spectacular 360° panoramic views of the Bruny Island coastline. (


Evan and I have wanted to visit the Alonnah Bruny Pub since 2017 on our last visit.   Friends advised that you can buy the best Chicken parmigiana in Australia.   So guess where we are headed next?

We did eat too much but we did do a lot of walking.  Just saying!  Lol!  This Parmi was Huge!!!  (looks smaller in the photo) I believe half a chicken went into the making.   How Evan ate his entire lunch I dont know.  It has to be the size of two man stomachs.   Anyway he is a samerai in many ways including eating.  Way to go dude!    We took half of mine home with us and it became the entree’ for the 4 of us at dinner.

After doing laps around the car to burn off some lunch we drove onward visiting Adventure Bay.  The Bligh Museum, which is cram packed with memorabilia.

We found out an important datum.   Captain Cook, it is written here, died on February 14th (TODAY!!!)  240 years ago.   WOW!

Then on to Cape Bruny Lighthouse.  Evan pointed out that we used this lighthouse 2 years ago to help spot our location when we were sailing to Recherche Bay to wait for a weather window to sail to Port Davey.

What a fantastic day!   On the way back we did stop at several places.  I was looking for peach jam, which I didn’t end up finding 🙁  But we did find whiskey marmalade,  the most expensive cheeses which we bought and had for dinner, homemade lemon curd and boutique beers the that boys tried on tasting boards. 

We dashed for the 5:30 ferry back to Kettering and were the second last car onboard.   One minute later and we would have missed it.  

Once off the ferry we stopped at the Kettering marina to have a look around as Frank will be lifting Bundeena out to have some work done.  Then back to the marina for dinner (arghhh more food!)  Definitely starting a health and fitness trend after this. 

Add your thoughts?