Day 58 – SYDNEY!!! Coming home – 1st April 2017

We left Jervis Bay at 5:38pm.  That is when we logged on with Marine Rescue.  It is sunny and the wind seems pretty benign compared to yesterday.  Gusts ripping through once in a while but mostly 15 knots S and a bit variable to the south east and south west.  Point Perpendicular is just that, Perpendicular to the water.  it is very imposing and as we pass both of us remark on how smooth the trip is outside the heads.

Usually the swell is quite big here and the water very washing machine like.  The idea is to head straight out a few NM’s before heading north.  this gets you far enough away from the land that you don’t get hit with backwash.  It can be quite turbulent.    Anyway today is pretty calm in comparison and after the recent winds it is a welcome change.

Goodbye ‘Hole in the wall’, thank you for keeping us safe the last few days.

As we head to Sydney we are pretty proud that we are able to manage overnight journeys now.  I am still not great with lack of sleep and have had times where I was too tired to do anything except watch and do the needful should something occur.  This trip is gentle, we made ourselves take turns at the helm while the other rested.  We weren’t going to fall into that trap again.

A striking difference to this leg of the journey is the amount of light on the coast.  House lights, office lights, industry lights, Port Kembla and Port Jackson.  So much activity too, we get to dodge ships and pilot boats in the shipping lanes, listen to the radio crackle with life and industry.   And there are the dolphins playing in our bow wake, do they ever sleep?

When the sun starts to rise we are just passing Macquarie lighthouse and can see majestic North Head

As soon as we pass Hornby Lighthouse on the lower South Head I notice the smells of Sydney.  I have never noticed that before.  We have had such clean air in the Tasman Ocean.  We can see Manly ferries already taking commuters on their journey and the Sydney skyline.   It is overwhelming.   So many things to see, sounds of airplane and helicopters at this time of morning.   Has it always been this busy?  We have very mixed emotions right now.

[left: Grotto point and MHYC in the background, right: Balmoral beach]

On one hand we are happy to be home, happy to have accomplished what we set out to do. We faced our own personal anxieties and won. We were treated to the most beautiful places and met the nicest people.   The rewards for the effort were and are truly worth it.

So on the one hand as I said, happy to be home but on the other hand it would be so easy to keep going.   Its not anti-climactic because we have experienced so much but we/I don’t want to come home and fall into a work-a-day rut.   So how do we combat that and be okay with coming back?   I guess we plan our next adventure. Help others to achieve what they really want to achieve. Remember to live in the moment.  Appreciate the little things………

When is the last time you really appreciated plumbing or indoor toilets?

I would love your thoughts on this.

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Much Love – Kelly & Evan


  1. Dawn

    What a beautiful adventure you’ve been on.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Kelly

      OMGoodness it is wonderful to hear from you! Thank you for your comment. xoxoxo

      1. Martyn

        Looking forward to seeing my adventurous friends!!

        1. Kelly & Evan

          Ditto that, let us know when you are free

  2. Jean

    HOME! I guess it takes being away to appreciate coming home with all its familiarities that we do take for granted. Not many people can live an ongoing travel adventure and never “come home”. I for one love travel with all its new experiences, cultures, landscapes and peoples but coming home lets me relax into the known so that I can really marvel at the different. Then decide what’s next to widen my horizons. Very glad you’re home to plan your next adventure while you get comfy with all your new knowledge and feelings.

    1. Kelly & Evan

      What a beautiful thought put to words, thank you Jean!

  3. Lian Vohralik

    welcome home from an amazing adventure and thankfully a safe journey . cant wait for your next one ! thank you for sharing this with us ! love to you both and see you soon , love Lian

  4. Stan

    Your Blog was wonderful. Thanks for allowing us to experience your adventure vicariously.

  5. Barb Allsop

    What a magical adventure ; you brave souls!
    So few today have the courage to take on the elements , like that and just Do It. Create the next game quickly dear friends; you’ve grown so much in spirit , it will need to be an even bigger one now. Well done! Barb

    1. Kelly & Evan

      That is a good idea! We are working on it now. xoxoxo

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