Day 47 – Darlington, Maria Island – 21st Mar 2017

This is officially a rainy, crappy weather day.   Imagine a day with clouds and fog thick enough that you cannot see land masses more than a few kilometers away.

Stuck inside by choice, keeping the mozzies outside, reading and writing today.  That’s it.  Oh add eating!  It almost isn’t even worthy of its own post but I thought I would keep you up to date since I don’t have much else to do.

Evan is doing office work so he is busy and keeping up with the needful.

I decided to cook up a Jamie Oliver stew in the dream pot but when Evan urged me to get the meat out and check that it is still fresh we were in for a surprise.  It was not fresh!  I guess cryovac’ing things does not extend their lives forever.  I must admit it is probably several weeks old.  I just checked the blog, it was bought it Cygnet on day 23 and their was an additional 9 days of Melbourne work added in too.   So Jamie Oliver we are going to have to wait to eat your yummy stew.

That’s all for today.  Tomorrow we are heading up Mercury Passage toward Great Oyster Bay.  We need some more supplies for the trip home and want to see Wineglass Bay, Coles Bay, Schouten Island and sail through Schouten Passage.

Fingers crossed for nice weather tomorrow.  Body doesn’t like sitting around all day.





  1. Errol

    I like this photo. I hope you are well, despite the weather and the stew. When you look out at that scene you know things will get better.

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