Day 42 & 43 – Melbourne, Back to Hobart – 16th & 17th Mar 2017

We’re back!!  Yay! Okay excitement contained for the moment.  It is great to be back on Nashira.  Evan completed his work in Melbourne, I got the chance to explore and much more importantly I got to spend time with my best friend and daughter Brooklyn.

When we went to Melbourne we didn’t realise that we would be there for Labour Day weekend, the Moomba festival and Vienna Therapy an event created and hosted by a lovely friend at Federation Square.   Life has a way of making things interesting and this was no exception.

We stayed in Flinders Lane and wow is it right in the middle of things.  This area is quirky, cool, funky and alive.  There are little nooks and crannies, lane-ways and alleys where treasures are hidden.   Great street art and Great food!


I have also never seen so many cafes.  Every place we ate the food was great.  How do they do it?  In Sydney the food is not as delicious.  Simple things like breakfast was scrumptious.  How can you make eggs, toast bacon and tomatoes taste so good?  Hmmm….. Sydney has some catching up to do.  Now I understand what people mean when they say the food is better in Melbourne.  At least we can vouch for the establishments we visited.

Overall we had a good time in Melbourne and the work factor does make one appreciate the free time even more.

Last night we flew our respective planes back to Hobart.  As a side-note Virgin seems to be better than Qantas between Hobart and Melbourne.  Qantas is actually QantasLink with smaller noisier planes.  Evan took Qantas thinking it would be the superior airline as he needed the flexibility with flights and I flew with Virgin.   Both of my flights were on-time, the planes new and plush, the staff friendly and happy.  Evans first flight the food was woeful and the plane noisy and cold.  His return flight to Hobart was no better with the flight being almost an hour late.   I spoke with a frequent flyer on Virgin who flys to Melbourne every week.  She started out on Qantas and quickly changed to Virgin saying it is always much better. And closer to the taxi rank also 🙂

Back in Hobart we jumped in a cab to Derwent Sailing Squadron marina and back to Nashira.  She was there waiting and all was well.   Time for a good night sleep back on our floating home.

This morning its raining, this is great as it allowed us to catch up on emails and create a new victuals(food) list for the next two weeks and a bit weeks to get back to Sydney.    The rain stopped in the afternoon so Evan and I walked to Coles and stocked up.   For the first time in my life we wheeled the Coles shopping trolley all the way back to the marina.  We couldn’t find taxis and the amount of food we bought was too much to carry.  After unloading we did the right thing and wheeled the trolley all the way back.

Tonight Evan broke out the laptop and ran through all the weather prediction tools for the next few days and wrote up a plan of attack to sail back to Sydney.  Weather permitting of course we aim to be back by April 2nd.   I wont give away our plan just yet but can say with some confidence that we will be in Port Arthur on Saturday the 18th.

Glad to be back and hope that all is great on your part of the world

DAY 43 – Getting Ready to leave Hobart.

CLEANING DAY!!!  We did a huge spring clean on Nashira.  You know the feeling when your home is sparkling and everything is in its place?  Feels so good.  Now we are ready to go.

This afternoon we spent with Gary and Carolina, Evans cousin and his special girl.  We met at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery for a cuppa.  They are beautiful people who I feel like I have known for ages.   What is it about Tassie that makes very special people?

Tomorrow we are on the water again.  We are both looking forward to it very much.

Hug someone special and let them know that you really love them.

xoxoxoxox  Kelly & Evan.


  1. Lian Vohralik

    Loving your journey Evan and Kelly . Thank you for this blog and giving me a wonderful escape on a rainy day when I should be working !!!

    1. Kelly & Evan

      Love it!

  2. Walt Simons

    I’m still enjoying your travels. Sue & I will have to see that ‘sky walk’ one day – looks amazing!

  3. Bex

    I take the rabbit was a good security guard

    1. Kelly


  4. Debbie and Byron

    Hi Evan and Kelly,
    It must be hard knowing reality is only a few short weeks away, but oh wow what a journey and adventure you have been enjoying!
    Have you enjoyed any of the local raspberries yet? It is a special treat to spoil yourselves with.
    Are you going to publish your adventures as a “Travelers Guide to….” book?
    See you both soon.
    Deb, Byron and Aaron

    1. admin

      Yes the reality of land life is starting to encroach a bit more everyday. Watching weather and having to pick the best days to sail up the east coast and to cross Banks Strait then Bass Strait is on our collective minds. Would you please have a talk to the weather gods and ask for fair weather up NSW. It looks like Sydney weather has been awful lately. We have not seen Raspberries for sale yet? I wonder if they are in season. You looking forward to your holidays? soon very soon!!

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