Day 40 – Hobart & Tahune Airwalk by Car – 6th Mar 2017

Waiting……. here in Hobart waiting for a phone call to determine whether we have to pause our trip to work on a project or not.

This morning the sky is still overcast and Mt Wellington is shrouded in cloud.  Its great how a couple of grey days makes you appreciate sunshine.   Evan is making a couple of phone calls to see if he is needed in Melbourne.  Still undecided we take a taxi to Hobart and hire a car to see part of Tassie by land for a change.  Interesting that picking up cars at the airport is so much cheaper than collecting one from town.  We wear the extra cost and hassle and now have a comfortable Holden Commodore to cruise the countryside.

Our first port of call is Mt Nelson.  We wanted to see Hobart and surrounds from up high but not so high that we are stuck in clouds.  Mount Nelson has a Signal Station which offers an interesting insight into the history of the early colony.  From flags to semaphore signaling to telephony you can read about the processes and the station life.  Quite interesting.   There is a lovely restaurant/cafe where the scones looked inviting but the price was a bit over our budget so we curbed our hunger with a promise to stop at a cafe later.

Toying with the idea of staying in Tassie someday we drove down the coast toward Dover looking at towns and property.  It was great to see things from a different perspective.   We stopped at Tahune Airwalk which is 90 minutes from Hobart down the Huon Valley.   This is well worth a visit and was a wonderful highlight of the day.  I will let the photos do the talking here:


On the way home we stopped in Geeveston to take some photos of the town.  A young man told us the town is too quiet but not a bad place to live with good neighbors.  We loved the wood craft and odd buildings.  That original works of art and musical /theatrical talent is one thing we notice a lot of in Tassie.

[Not sure what the story is behind this?]


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