Day 39 – Kettering to Hobart – 5th Mar 2017

Finally Caught up with the Blog!!  Yeehaa!

After sleeping in this morning we went for a walk along the Kettering main street to the Bruny Island car ferry terminal.   It’s interesting to see how many cars are lined up for the trip to Bruny Island.  There are skilled ferry employees guiding the 20 or so cars to fit onto the ferry, getting them to park close to each other and fill up every available space.   The car ticket price is $33 return and is probably good value to spend the day exploring the island.  I wonder if Bruny Island residents get a discount.

On the walk back to the marina we stopped at what looked like an old converted petrol station, now Turkish restaurant called Pasha’s Ferry road store, for breakfast.  The food was great, Evan had a turkish take on bacon and eggs and Kelly had a turkish breakfast consisting of tomato, cucumber, green olives, fetta, spinach leaves, scrambled eggs and warm freshly baked turkish bread.   Kim and Andy showed up and joined us.  Kim has just purchased a Catalina 387 yacht sight unseen called Dragonfly.  They are berthed near Nashira and going through the discovery process.

Back at the marina Evan helped Kim and Andy sort out a few problems with Dragonfly.  Kelly got the gas canister refilled at the local chandlery.   Before we leave for Hobart we visit some special people who are inspirational.   Jenny and John are working hard to restore a beautiful wooden ketch.  The thing is they have never done this before.  They left their home in Perth, which by the way they built their own hay bail home, flew to Kettering in Little Oyster Cove where they bought this vessel.   They are planning on fixing it up and learning how to sail it and getting up the nerve to sail across Bass Strait back to Western Australia.  They have had much stress, a lot of uncertainty but keep at it one day at a time.  Their goal is to live on their boat and travel.  We are sending them our best wishes and hope that things go smoothly and that their adventure is a wonderful one in whatever they choose to do.  They are very brave.

Little Oyster Cove is a beautiful place, glad to have had the chance to visit it again we say goodbye for now.

The trip to Hobart was a cruisers delight, wind 10 to 15 knots SE.  We passed by seals sunning themselves in their own unique way.

Hello Hobart

Once in Hobart the wind is increasing and it is tricky to get into our Berth at Derwent Sailing Squadron but we made it with assistance from the occupants of the next berth.

Now its raining!

It is a good night to eat left over spaghetti bol and watch a movie.

Remember to appreciate the little things.




  1. Jean Parker

    Hi Kelly & Evan…I’m going to share with you my all purpose recipes for pancakes, waffles, crepes & pikelets. Since you don’t have a waffle iron on board you ca still make the others in a non stick pan or butter up an iron skillet. I make up what I call THE MIXTURE in a air tight container so it is easy to mix up a batch by just combining “the mixture” with the wet ingredients and the kids could do it easily too. THE MIXTURE: for every 2 cups self-rising flour sift in 1 teaspoon baking powder & 1 teaspoon salt. (It is easiest to have this on hand in quantity so you are ready to make the pancakes as you want in any quantity you want. I make up about 8 cups of flour worth so I have it on hand.) PANCAKES/WAFFLES: 2 cups flour mixture, 1or 2 eggs, 1 1/2 cups milk, 3 Tablespoons melted butter. Directions: melt butter in bowl or saucepan, add rest of ingredients & mix/whisk till smooth ( not too thick, not too thin 😀) Ladle or use measuring half cup an amount onto griddle or non-stick pan to the size of pancakes you desire. Cook over medium heel till bubbles form on top of pancake then flip over. Cook till lift golden brown. EAT You can make as much or as little batter as you want by adjusting the amount of mixture and milk you use. I use 1 egg if I make a smaller batch. You can use buttermilk or even chocolate milk (kids love it). Serve with maple syrup & butter or whipped cream & jam or sour cream & peaches or any fruit. Yummy and easy.
    CREPES: 3/4 cup flour ( regular ), pinch of salt, 1 1/2 cups milk, 1 Tablespoon oil . Blend in food processor or blender or whip thoroughly. Let rest for a bit. Batter should be thin. Pour some into a non-stick pan & swirl around to cover base of pan ( amount of batter will depend on your size of pan and size of crepe you desire). Cook over low to medium heat till underside looks light brown. Use a spatula to lift the edges on one side and flip cream over. I use my fingers! It only needs to cook a little to brown other side. Fill with cream & fruit or savery mixture of chicken, cheese, prawns, any leftover stuff, roll up and add as many as you wish. Creeps are meant to be thin but still able to be rolled 😍
    PIKELETS: 1 cup self-rising flour, 1/4 teaspoon bicarbonate soda, 2 Tablespoons sugar, 1/2 cup milk +1 teaspoon vinegar, 2 teaspoons melted butter, 1 egg. Directions: sift flour, salt & soda. Make a well in centre. Add sugar,egg, milk & butter. Stir. Cook on greased griddle or in non-stick pan in 3 inch diameter circles. Top with butter & jam or honey or ?? & eat. Everyone loves to snack on pikelets…. I think it is an Aussie thing, right Evan?

    1. Kelly

      Fantastic, I think we are going to have to start a special page with ideas, recipes, lessons learned etc. This is our first. Cant wait for Evan to get back and ask him if this is an Aussie thing! lol He said “possibly” hmm.. anyone else know?

  2. Walt Simons

    Now I’ve caught up with the blog as well – an what an adventure it is. Keep on keeping on, guys 🙂

  3. Gill

    Certainly a trip of a lifetime, and don’t you meet interested people. Why are Kim and Andy buying a new boat. What happened to Artful Dodger? Thanks for keeping us on your trip with you.

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