Day 32 – Clayton’s Corner, Bathurst Harbour- 26 Feb 2017

Woke up this morning and it is so still outside, no wind and the water is like glass.

Today I am determined to make my first loaf of bread.  Got the ingredients mixed and had to turn Nashira’s diesel heater on to keep the mix warm.  We had an important date this morning and ended up leaving the bread mixture in the greenhouse shed.

Invited to Cynecia for Sunday morning pancakes with the crew from Sea Echo II as well.  Luke is doing his famous Sunday pancakes and boy are they good.   Judy from Sea Echo brought her homemade blackberry jam to add to the Cream, apricot jam, bananas, yoghurt.  Talk about luxurious!!    I have to learn how to make Pancakes.

[heading to Cynecia for breakfast]

After Breakfast with all agreeing to meet for a hike up Mount Beattie we departed to collect our gear.  Another glorious sunny day as we dinghy to the wharf and walk to Clayton Cottage which is a local uninhabited homestead.  This homestead is steeped in interesting history about Winsome (nee. King) and Clyde Clayton  who ran fishing boats out of Port Davey.

[Claytons Wharf and Homestead]

The hike took us about 3 1/4 hours at a slow, stop and smell the roses, pace.  About half of the walk is through a lovely forest before the trail breaks out into the sunshine.  At the top the views are outstanding.  We could see the entrance to Bathurst channel (Breaksea Islands) all the way across the harbour, the airstrip at Melaleuca and through a few gaps to the Southern Ocean and some of the islands in the Maatsuyker group.   On the hike we saw wombat poops, many birds, a caterpillar, a Freshwater Crayfish and a Black Tiger Snake.  Still have not seen a living marsupial.

Returned to find the bread dough hard on the top as the greenhouse is a bit hot. Working and kneading the hard bits back into the dough seemed to work.   Left the dough another hour before chucking it in the oven.    It was finished about 5pm and I have to say I was disappointed.  My bread looked more like a 2 1/2 tall, round damper.  I thought it should have risen a bit more.

A little later the crews from Cynecia and Sea Echo came over bringing Sushi and snacks, we broke out the bread, added butter and cheese and it was actually okay.  It got nice reviews and we ate the whole thing.   I am looking forward to trying again.

[My first Bread]

[the team]

Its evening and everyone has now left. I am finally able to enjoy relaxing with Evan and my Macbook Pro. lol ;-D

xoxoxox  Kelly and Evan



  1. Jean Parker

    Do you want my pancake recipe? So easy and so good. Crepes and pikelets are easy options too. Your day looked fabulous….you lucky lovelies!

    1. Kelly

      Absolutely YES!!

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