Day 30 – Casilda Cove to North Inlet, Bathurst Harbour – 24 Feb 2017

Its still raining,  the wind has died down to a 15 knot Northwesterly.   Two more boats have joined us in our little hideaway.  Sea Echo II with Greg and Judy and Ian Johnson & Harriet on Julienne (fishing boat).    Getting crowded it is time for us to leave and make our way to Bathurst Harbour.   Cynecia and Nashira both pulled up stumps and headed down the Bathurst Narrows toward the harbour.   We have planned to meet up with Luke and Janet tomorrow and dinghy our way up the Old River at the far West end of the harbour.   There is supposed to be a good walk viewing old Huon and Celery top pine trees.

[Cynecia sailing up the channel; right – us going up the channel]

[Mtns in the channel;  right – dingies stored for hikers to use to cross the channel]

Once in the harbour we head south for Kings Bay,  should be good shelter from a SW change which is on the way.  Luke and Janet head east.  Rounding the corner there are 6 other yachts there!  Too crowded!  We head north into Ed’s Cove and anchor.  The wind is swirling round and so does Nashira.  We decide to try further north in North Inlet.  We wind our way around the reefs and hidden rocks marked on the map and chart plotter, make our way behind Swan Island and find the most beautiful bay totally deserted.  It is a large shallow-ish bay about 3m deep and sheltered from the wind, calm water and Mount Rugby in the background.  This will do us just fine.

[Cynecia in Bathurst harbour]

[North Inlet beach]

We jumped in the dinghy and rowed around the beach watching sea birds fly and sing and dodging underwater snags.  Made it back to Nashira to hear the 5:33pm Tas Maritime weather report and are now stoking the BBQ for a steak and salad dinner.

This is a tough life that we have taken the responsibility to tackle. Someone has to do it, Right?

To bed early


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