Day 29 – Casilda Cove – 23 Feb 2017

It’s rainy and windy this morning.  The wind is pumping the water down the channel in front of us and our anchorage spot is still calm. Note to future travellers to Port Davey, Casilda Cove is wonderful in a Westerly.

Evan suggested we tackle Balmoral Mt this morning in the rain: lol!  So we gathered our gear and went searching for the start of the trail.  The books have indicated that this walk is the best bang for buck when comparing difficulty and views.  We crossed the inlet to a little beach on Danger point and the rain increased.  Bugger, we turned around and headed back to Nashira’s shelter.   The rain calmed and off we went again, this time successfully.  Evan located a man-made cairn at the head of the trail, that was a big help.

The trail up the hill was clear, somewhat muddy and stair like.  The rain, wet, although the sun is starting to show itself now and again.  The views as we ascend are fantastic!   We could see Nashira tucked into the little cove surrounded by majestic mountains. We could see the waterways all around Bathurst channel both East and West.  Such a great birds-eye view.  Once at the top we were just about knocked over by the wind.   We took videos and photos then clambered down toward the shelter afforded by dense bushes.    We watched another yacht motor its way to our channel and drop anchor next to us.  We are no longer alone.

High on the hill, once again, elated.  What a wonderful, part of the world we are privileged to see.   It would be a brutally hard place to survive in the winter. In summer the rugged landscape is most inviting.

Back at Nashira we met our new neighbours Luke and Janet sailing Cynecia. They come from Flinders Island which is north of the Tasmania mainland. We shared stories, ate our recently baked Brownies and tea then it was beer o’clock and time to relax after an exhilarating day.


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