Day 28 – Carvers Pt to Casilda Cove – 22 Feb 2017

This morning we spent with Greg and Judy of Sea Echo II,  I had coffee for the first time in days!  oh yum (Thank you Judy).  Lovely fun people.  We left them finally to ready ourselves for our first leg up Bathurst Channel to Casilda Cove, they were looking forward to their journey up the Davey River today.

[Sunrise Carvers point with Sea Echo II in the background]

Departing about noon the weather is kind again today,  no sea to speak of and a NW that we have been well protected from.   We rounded Breaksea Islands passing Brambles Bay and into Waterfall Bay on the starboard side of the channel to have a look.  This has a constant waterfall and people have jury rigged a bucket, hose and ropes to tie up to and a large PVC pipe that can be used as a soft landing if you bump up against the wall.  Lots of the water merrily lands in the bucket and feeds out the hose.  You can use this to fill up your water supply if low, clever.

Further down we pass a few other coves and bays, some with many boats and some empty.  We are heading to Casilda Cove.

[rocky mountain tops]

We read about this place on MV.Winifred’s blog page and thought it sounded interesting.  Protected from most wind directions and with trees and rocks to tie a stern line if needed as well as anchor in big winds, we thought we’d give it a try.    It was a challenge anchoring and getting close enough to the shore to try a stern line.  It took a couple goes as the bottom was mud and we could feel the anchor dragging through the mud like thick chocolate pudding.   Finally satisfied Evan sent me ashore in the dinghy to find a tree worthy of tying up to.  Wading through the brown water, round grape like sea plants and moss, spider webs and the thought of snakes made for a few anxious, slippery moments. Evan was stressing that we were floating toward the rocks faster than Kelly was finding a tree.  All ended well. We stayed safely away from the rocks and are secured in place front and back ready for a good night sleep.

This afternoon we finally tried out the solar oven!   Tried baking brownies but the sun went down too quickly.  I guess 4:30 was a bit late for this experiment.  Had to finish them in the oven then test them out of course.   Nice bit of civilisation in the wilderness.

Lots of Marsh flies and mosquitoes here. Super glad we have fly screens.  Strange sounding birds unfamiliar to either of us are keeping us company.  Hopefully enjoying mosquitoes for desert. (note:  we found out days later that the birds are Currawongs, but here they sound & look different to the ones we have in Sydney.)

Tonight reading, writing and Evan is playing with a computer program.   Tomorrow we are going to climb the hill we can see on the other side of the Cove (Balmoral Hill).  Should provide some good views.

Good night for now


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