Day 25 – Randalls Bay to Recherche Bay

Morning Update:

At Randalls Bay heading to Recherche Bay today.  This morning up and working by 7:30.    There is NO wind so we have taken advantage of it to change our headsails from the big number 1 to a smaller number 3 sail.     Evan also pulled out the bright orange storm jib and taught me how to install it around the headsail if necessary.   It is a much smaller sail used in storm conditions to give you a bit more control of the boat.

Afterward we BBQ’d lamb sausages for breaky and had a huge fire in the BBQ.   Lol   Flames and very well cooked sausages.  (Time to clean the BBQ).  After breakfast we dinghied ashore and went for a walk.

[Nashira in the background]
[Supposed to be a 1 hour walk but the trail has been washed away – more like a 15 minute walk :-D]

[Tasmanian Devil? or spotted quoll perhaps?]

I am sending and early blog because we may not have reception to blog after Recherche Bay.  If that is the case we will continue to write and update the blog once we are back in reception.  You can continue to see where we are by clicking on the PredictWind tracker.  This gives you our satellite based location with a one hour lag in time.  We are using the Iridium Go system and it updates the website hourly.  That’s why it looks like we have traveled through land at times.

It looks like there is a possible weather window to return from Port Davey the following weekend.  [we are taking enough food to be stuck there for several weeks to be on the safe side]

Okay we are off.   Take care and be happy,  you are loved very much


Kelly & Evan


  1. Jean

    Thoroughly enjoying your adventures! My only highlight of the day as I am otherwise at RNS hospital with Noel. He is not a well guy….as we know but hopefully actions will happen to finally get to the root of the problem. Tests, scans, pain, meds & morphine has been our world. I prefer yours! Keep it up😍💕⛵️

    1. admin

      Hello Jean! Evan and I are finally back to the East coast and phone reception. Let me know how you guys are doing now. We are sending you love and hugs. xoxoxo

    2. Kelly & Evan

      Hello Jean!! We are finally back from the west coast. We landed in Recherche Bay last night and have phone reception for the first time in ages. Let me know how you guys are doing. We are thinking of you and sending you love and hugs. I will work on Blog tonight to get it updated. xoxo

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