Day 16 & 17 – (Day 3 & 4) Hobart

The official start of the Hobart Wooden Boat Festival is today!!

We have been invited to join Patriot X, a beautiful motor cruiser with Captains Phil and Sally and guests to watch the sail past of wooden boats to start off the festival.    Evan had to work this morning so sadly he missed out but I went and took one for the team, it was a fantastic experience.

[Never to young to start helping – and we were on our way]

The boats on parade were incredible, from the smallest row boat to grand pirate ships there was truly something to tickle everyone’s imagination.

Sail-past finished we arrived home at 3pm-ish.  I will not forget this experience.   Thank you Patriot X and new friends.  Now to find Evan show him all the photos and videos so he doesn’t feel left out.

Young Max teaching us how to smile with teeth showing.

The rest of the day was a blur, lol, mostly because I fell asleep!   I found Evan working on Nashira when I returned (seemed like a good idea to put my legs up for a little while) well, I promptly fell asleep.  I woke up about an hour later with Evan trying to find me then promptly fell asleep again until 5pm.  Good grief.  I guess the sail-past and a wee bit of champagne took its toll.

In the evening Evan and I took our regular Uber to Constitution Dock and walked amongst the boats on show until time for dinner at the Brick Factory restaurant in Salamanca Place with some great friends from Sydney.    Afterwards home and straight to bed (I’m still tired).

DAY 17

Awake! much refreshed after a zillion hours sleep we headed for the famed Salamanca markets.   We need to start stocking up on victuals for the next legs of the trip.   We were told today that if we are serious about going to remote Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour that we have to consider packing 1 months food just in case we cannot get out due to weather, but more on that later.

The markets are BIG and full of people!  There are interesting hand crafted local wares, actually better than most markets I have been to.  I was surprised to see stalls with locally made Gin and Vodka and lots of Fudge – yummm.   We tried all the samples available (as you do..) and we also picked up some beautiful produce.

At 12:30 we had an important date with Evans cousin whom he hadn’t seen for over 30 years.  I can’t imagine what it felt like for Gary and Evan but it was exhilarating for me.  We were to meet in Salamanca Place by the fountain.  Not sure how but I knew we would all find each other easily.  Sure enough we walked to the fountain, turned around and there he was.  They recognized each other immediately, it was gorgeous to watch.

We had lunch together at a Vietnamese restaurant and took Gary back to see Nashira.  It was a great afternoon and it was a pleasure to watch the boys together.  We promised to catch up again on our return from the South West of Tassie.

Back to the Wooden Boat Festival we went.  This time looking at the areas we missed yesterday.

We started by searching out Winifred.  They have written a wonderful Blog that is worth looking at

We were especially interested as they have spent a bit of time in Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour.  To get there you have to go south around the bottom of Tassie and up the West coast a bit.   It is very remote with the only access being by boat or small airstrip or hiking a long long way.   The water is apparently black with tannin and because of this animals that normally live in the deep ocean have taken up residency here and can be studied as it is shallow.  Anyway, they graciously invited us aboard and spent quite a bit of time talking to us about their adventures and giving us some great tips on where to go and the best weather services to use.  They are the ones who suggested we stock up on at least a months supply of food just in case we get stuck there for a while.

Here are a few more photos of the boat festival.


If I could add any thoughts it would be to say that this is a happy event.  I didn’t consider that it would be as much fun to look at wooden boats but something magical happens.   Kids of all ages from 2 to 100 smile here.   When I look at the boats I see works of art,  I see love for something so aesthetic that it makes me smile.  I want to touch and feel the smooth varnish.  I want to examine the copper nails in the clinker built craft. I imagine sailing on the high seas with these beauties and I know it would feel like an old world swashbuckling adventure.

We are happy


Kelly & Evan




  1. Micky

    Its so good to see you and evan so happy😊 I am so glad for the both of you taking on this adventure! Sat down to read your blogs and feel like I am there with you guys 😁😁

    1. Kelly

      Hi Mickle-pickle, It was really good to hear your voice today. Love Kelly

  2. Lena D'Alton

    Hi Kelly & Evan. Your trip down south has been incredible. Trevor and I are very envious – wish we had done it. Thank’s for the very informative history and geography lessons along with your wonderful photos. You’ll be able to dine out on this trip for years to come! Enjoy the rest of your journey, we will be there with you through your brilliant blog. Keep well and safe and say hello from us to any MHYC C.D. members you come across. xx

    1. Kelly & Evan

      Hi Lena, wonderful to hear from you, we will definitely pass on your hello’s. Are you surviving the heat? xoxo

      1. Lena

        No Kelly, I hate the heat, Trevor loves it – strange person! However, today (Valentines Day, in case you didn’t know) is lovely and cool – and wet, but not complaining. Have you come across Phil and Maralyn yet? We are looking after Misha while they went down to Tassie for the Wooden Boat Festival. I know you’ll be missing Max. xx

        1. Kelly

          Hi Lena, We had dinner with Phil and Maralyn one night. They were having a good time and mentioned that you are looking after Misha. I remembered Valentines day! I was proud of myself. I am so glad to hear it is cooler today in Sydney and wet. I hope that helps with the fire fighting. I am looking forward to seeing Max when we return. xoxoxo

  3. Gill Attersall

    Fabulous writing and photos Kelly, we do wish we were there with you but reading comes a good second best. Buy Cruising Helmsman, there are heaps of pages on PortDavy, right up to date. You are certainly living the dream. Gill & Glynne

    1. Kelly & Evan

      Thank you Gill & Glynne, Evan has now organised a subscription to Cruising Helmsman so we can read these articles in the coming days. xoxo

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