Day 15 – (Day 2) Hobart

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brooklyn!!! xoxoxo

Its day 2 in Hobart.  Photos below are of Derwent Sailing Squadron (DSS) Marina this morning (our home for the week).

Evan and I grab an Uber to town.  Uber is new here, started up a few months ago.   We are Uber newbies, this is only our second Uber but I can really tell the difference between happy Uber drivers and sour taxi cab drivers.  Generally speaking we pick Happy over Sour and have noticed that often (not always) taxi drivers seem cranky (especially if a short fare).


I do have a question, does anyone know what this sign means?

While waiting for our Uber I notice this is in the middle of a grass patch outside an apartment block across from the marina.    It is  quiet street, so far not much traffic.  I am perplexed. Is this no standing?, no sitting, no ‘S’  hmmm……….

Evan is busy with work again today,  so we part ways in town, with a plan to meet for lunch later.

We ended up eating at this interesting cafe at Salamanca Place.  It is a laundromat/cafe and it was packed with people.  Intrigued we had to suss it out.

I have to say the food was great!  you can come and do your laundry and have lunch!  good idea.   This is located in the quadrangle area behind the main buildings of Salamanca place.

I spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Hobart city sightseeing while Evan worked.


Tonight was dinner at Shippies!  (The Shipwrights Arms Hotel -est 1846) organised by Denis and Lynne of ‘Ariki Tai’.   They are responsible for the organisation of about 12 boats sailing from Sydney to Hobart including ourselves. They also organised weather skeds daily and generally made sure that everyone was okay.  Being invited along with this group gave us the additional confidence we needed to do this adventure, being the newbies we are.

The dinner was fabulous!  I should have taken photos………hmmmm….didnt think of it at the time.  We were more interested in talking to the others that came along.   The stories and adventures were great to listen to.   Its interesting to note that there are people here from all walks of life, doctors, tradies, journalists, housewives and on and on; people with money and people without, it doesn’t make a difference.  The bond is sailing and the great leveler is the wind and the water.  There is no need to exaggerate as the stories themselves are so out there that you stand in awe.  Denis was telling us that some of the people here are real legends,  we would love to have the time to get to know each and every person here and hear their stories. (Thank you Lynne for the Photos!)

Dinner done!  Evan, Chris and I walk back to the marina.  time for bed.



  1. Jean & Noel

    Hi Kelly and Evan…..again another full day of adventures…it all looks like great fun (unless you are Evan and have to work!). There is a great article in the February Cruising Helmsman about Port Davey covering restrictions, safe anchorages, Bathurst Harbour and Channel, storm anchorages, Payne Bay & Davey River. I received an email from Lee Laurie. Paul Witherspoon and her brother arrived and final boat preparations undertaken to depart for Australia. I think they want to leave Granada asap due to weather issues. Hot today but less humidity so easier to bear. Wish we were there!

    1. Kelly

      Hi Jean, Thank you for the update, Awesome!!! Will look to see if we can find the Cruising Helmsman online perhaps. Glad to hear it is a bit less Humid. We have had some Tasmanians tell us it is humid down here. We cannot feel it lol!!

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