Day 14 – (Day 1) Hobart

I woke up this morning itching to go for a walk into town.  The first thing we had to do though was to move Nashira to a new spot.   Last nights spot was temporary so first things first we motored to the next arm of the marina and just as we pulled up Debbie from  ‘Shamila Jay’ was there ready to catch ropes and help out.   That blew me away.  First you have to realise its 7am and she was making herself a cup of tea and saw us move and decided to pop over and help.  How incredibly thoughtful was that.

Evan has to work today,  he is all hunkered down with his computer getting into business when I leave.  I decided I will take lots of iphone photos so he can see a bit of the neighborhood.   I’m also tasked with getting milk and a few things for breakfast so I can’t be gone all day.  Lol

I decided to walk to Salamanca place to have a look and pick up some groceries. I walked through picturesque Battery point (where Errol Flynn was born)

Looking back at the marina and onto Errol Flynn reserve.


Walking through the neighborhood.   Notice the horsetail wispy clouds?  The wind is coming.

This is Salamanca Place, a precinct of Hobart.  This area was formerly warehouses for the port of Hobart Town that have been converted into galleries, restaurants, craft shops and offices.  Per Wikipedia It was named after the victory in 1812 of the Duke of Wellington in the battle of Salamanca in the Spanish province of Salamanca.   I have been told by friends that it is a must to come here Saturday morning for the markets.  Evan and I will be there (yes we will, regardless of weather!).

Before groceries I decided to do a quick walk to Constitution Dock where the wooden boat festival is going to take place in a couple of days.

Constitution Dock

It looks full of old character,  the wooden boats help.  I watched an old tug boat move through the gates into Victoria dock (next to Constitution dock) and found friends of ours (from Sydney) in Kings Pier marina getting MV.Flemingo a beautiful wooden Morton Bay Cruiser ready for the festival.

After my adventures I headed back to Salamanca, picked up groceries and went to rescue Evan from lack of food.   It was later then I had planned to be back (:-D)

In the afternoon Evan was able to take a break and join me in a walk and some lunch at a local Irish pub which advertised having the best ‘Craic’ in town.  Had to look that one up in Dr. Google.

Tonight is a quiet one on board Nashira – Nice home cooked Spag Bol and some time to read others blogs and chill.

Catch you Tomorrow


Kelly & Evan.






  1. Jean & Noel

    It is a lovely area. Noel and I were there a few years ago when we did the Orion cruise around Tassie. The markets are good. Weather here is lovely today but we are supposed to get “the hottest three days on record” this weekend. I feel better today but have an elephant neck! 😱

    1. Kelly

      So looking forward to the markets, tonight is a group dinner at the shippies for a group of the yachties that sailed from Sydney to Hobart. Also really enjoying the cool air. Sydney heat sounds aweful

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