Day 13 – Fortescue Bay to Hobart

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DAY 13

We are on our way to Hobart!!   I am very much looking forward to sailing around Tasman Peninsula.

It’s 6:30am, The anchor is up and we are on our way.   Instead of words let us show you what we saw:

Hippolyte Rock to the left, the Lanterns and Totem Pole Sea Stack on the right

Totem Pole between Lantern Rock
The Lanterns and Totem Pole Sea Stack

As an aside, if you’re interested, check this out!!!  A couple free climbing the Totem Pole (above) and other rock stacks in the area with such strength and no fear of height!


Side of Lantern  Back of Lantern and Totem Pole

Leaving Lantern and Totem Pole Stack 

Leaving the Lanterns & Totem Pole heading toward Cathedral Rock & Tasman Island in the background.

Tasman Island with Lighthouse

Tasman Island with Lighthouse

Tasman Island lighthouse

I think it would be incredible to stay in the Lighthouse accommodation during a huge storm.   Scary and confronting to see the ocean waves and wind hammering the island.

Round the corner from Tasman Island

Entrance to Port Arthur, hopefully we will get a chance to stop here later on.

Cape Raoul


I finally caught a seal on camera!!

Entrance to the Derwent River (Iron Pot),  Almost in HOBART!

We are here!  we are staying at the Derwent Sailing Squadron Marina in the picture.  The day has been beautiful and we have pretty much motored from Fortescue Bay to the marina.  A few times when the gentle wind moved off our nose we put the head sail out.

While coming up the Derwent we have been reminded that the Wooden Boat Festival is about to start.  It is a BIG deal here in Hobart running from the 10th to the 13th of Feb.  Here is a link in case you are interested:


And here we are finally tied up at our home for the next week.  The marina has had a huge upgrade and the area we are in is nice and modern.  They still have to upgrade their clubhouse and amenities but I understand that is in the pipeline.   The people here have been very helpful and kind.

After we tied up we caught up with Chris on Galaxy III,  he is on the end of our marina arm.  We also caught up with a lovely couple who traveled down on ‘Shamila Jay’,  we in fact followed them 1/2 the way down the east coast so it was nice to meet them.

And now most importantly it is time to have a much needed shower and I am not exaggerating to say it was heavenly.

Now for an early night and some sight-seeing tomorrow.



  1. Jean & Noel

    Well done intrepid sailors! A fantastic achievement and beautiful photography too! Glad you had a shower 😜 We want our ambassadors to smell nice! Enjoy your stay. Hello to Chris.

  2. Kamala Clark-Swanson

    Incredible pictures! I wondered if you had a shower on the boat. I also wondered how you would pack for a 10 week trip without a washer/dryer. Is it everything you hoped it would be? We are very proud of you! Pls send pictures of you and Evan too!
    When I tried to click on the LIKE button, it takes me to a screen to log onto wordpress.
    Love you!

    1. Kelly

      Hi Kam, its great to hear from you! Thank you re: photos. We do have a shower on the boat but very rarely use it as it utilises a fair bit of water. Packing for 10 weeks..hmm… I’ll let you know in a few more weeks how we did. In Hobart I have already checked out where the laudromats are and will take our clothes to be cleaned soon. Basically pack light and dont worry to much about how clean things are lol! It is an adventure, there are goods and greats and tough things but step by step learning. would not change it for anything. Love you so much. thanks for letting me know about the LIKE button. I will see if I can fix that xxxxx

  3. Martyn

    Glad you arrived safely. Scenery looks fabulous. Martyn x

    1. Kelly & Evan

      😀 xoxo

  4. Walt Simons

    Congratulations! Fantastic trip and lovely pictures. Really enjoyed following you guys.

    1. Kelly & Evan

      Thank you Walt!

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