Day 12 – Fortescue Bay

A day of rest!

Slept like rocks, wow it was needed.    This morning we hoisted the dinghy off from the front deck, lowered it into the water, added fuel to the motor and headed for the little boat jetty.  Behind the jetty there is quite a large car park with several people car camping and a few tinnies attached to the back of 4wd’s.

Boat Ramp Fortescue Bay
Boat Ramp Fortescue Bay

We have officially set foot on Tasmanian soil for the first time!!  Yeah!!!!   It has taken 12 days to get us here.  Just at the head of the driveway to the boat ramp is the start to a walking trail which leads to the 3 Capes walk.  (You can see a camper-van in the background) We are ready to test out the land legs.

The trail is incredibly manicured.

We even ran into a few of the natives,  they were interested a little but were not interested in getting out of the way.  They finally moved when were so close that we could touch them.

Some great views on the way (That’s Nashira in the background)

Kelp Gulls

The full circle walk apparently takes 4 hours with a bus at either end that will pick you up.   We stopped after an hour one way and headed back.   Back at the bottom we had to laugh as two men carrying take-away cups of coffee were walking towards us.   It turns out there is a ranger station and a kiosk just a few hundred meters away from the boat ramp.   Here we were feeling like it was a remote wilderness campground.  To bad we didn’t bring any cash with us – I haven’t had a cup of coffee for days.

Once back in the dinghy we motored around to Canoe Bay, a small bay just North of where we are anchored.  It is quite shallow and protected from most winds and swell.  The remains of a shipwreck are visible.   Apparently built in the UK in 1904 she was a steam hopper barge named Andre Reboulas.  In 1907 she was renamed William Pitt and came to Hobart in 1940 for use in the construction of a floating Arch Bridge across the Derwent River.   She was scuttled in 1955 at act as a breakwater for small craft in Canoe Bay.

Do you see the little white splash in the water in front of the wreck?  It is actually the head of a seal popping up to have a look.

We motored back to Nashira where Evan did some work for the office and I am enjoying pottering around, reading, eating and generally having a day off.

Check out the colour of the water!  It is incredibly clear and pretty darn cool.   Hey did I mention that it is cool here?  It is very cool, we have broken out the jackets and beenies.

Tomorrow morning we are heading for Hobart.  Really looking forward to this as we are going to round Tasman peninsula well known for its rugged coastline and the highest sea cliffs in the southern hemisphere (300 meters above the Tasman Sea).

Till then….xoxoxoxoxo

Kelly & Evan


  1. Mark

    Evan , this is fantastic , wish I was there.

  2. Julia

    Beautiful photos and yes Tassie can be cool xxx Julia

  3. Jean & Noel

    You two are terrific! We are so jealous as we are confined to home recouperating. My op went well, had a private room (lucky me!) and pampered. Now home so Noel is on duty but as he is not too good yet we are just taking things real easy……and loving your adventure. It gives us hope that we will be on the water soon. So hot here so enjoy the coolness. Pictures are wonderful. Insights are great. Every day is another adventure! Huggies and kisses 💋⛵️

    1. Kelly & Evan

      SO glad your Op went well. Now to rest and recuperate and get back out here when you can xoxoxo

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