Day 6 – Eden

Ahoy all, we have our weather window! Nashira will be setting sail across Bass Strait tomorrow morning at 5am. A rather civilised time I think. This will get us to Babel Island at the Flinder islands by 5pm on Thursday evening if all goes well.

If we find we do exceptionally well with sleep and taking turns on the helm we may continue all the way to Wineglass bay.

Otherwise nothing interesting to tell about today except maybe that we were anchored at East Boyd bay today and found out that a navel ship is coming in tomorrow morning early. Apparently if we did not move before they arrived we would have been stuck where we were until they left. So we moved back to Snug Cove tonight and continued preparing for tomorrow.

I am cooking a Jamie Oliver stew in our dream pot. I love the dream pot. I will do a blog one day just about that. It is such a time saver as I can start the stew on the stovetop for about 15 minutes then put it in the dreampot where it will continue to slow cook in a thermal type pot for up to 10 hours. That will give us warm yummy food for overnight watches.

Finally we did a temporary repair on the engine cooling system which will keep us in good shape for now.

Here is the only photo for today.

Evan doing final check on the dinghy.

So heres to a good night sleep and an early start.   I hope where ever you find yourself that you are happy and healthy and ready for adventure.

Lots of Love

Kelly and Evan


  1. Rob and Susan (Perth)

    Watching with interest.
    Have fun kids.
    Fair seas and Huey on your side.
    Hugs RobSue xxx

    1. Kelly & Evan

      I just looked up Huey as we were unfamiliar, This is a wonderful mythology. xoxo

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