Day 5 – Eden

Still in a holding pattern waiting for a good weather window to cross the Bass Straight today was a quiet cruisy sort of day – Albeit a HOT one.   The things on our list to do were; get fuel for Nashira, pick up a few supplies in town, change the old corroded battery leads with new ones and pick up some parts to fix the engine cooling problem.

Getting fuel was interesting as the wharf we pulled up to is different from Sydney the wharves we know and are used to.  Boats need to use barge boards on top of fenders much like we hear is needed at most Tasmania wharves (see photo)

It was good practice for us.   To get fuel we had to ring the fuel supplier who drove a big fuel truck onto the wharf and handed the fuel hose down to us.   That was service!

While we were there Evan managed to get the parts we needed for Nashira at the chandlery (he was like a kid in a lolly shop buying parts).

I went into town to explore (my fun!) and buy more supplies.  I wanted to see the Killer whale museum but when I finally got there it was only open another 15 minutes so I hope to get a chance to go back before we leave Eden

Eden near Whale Museum

Evan came by dinghy and picked me up at the wharf when I finished shopping.  Afterwards we moved Nashira across the bay to East Boyd Bay to hide from the oncoming Southerly wind change due in the early evening.

This is where we are now:

East Boyd Bay – Eden

After we anchored we decided to go for a swim so we took the dinghy ashore and had a wonderful swim.  It is one of those perfect temperature evenings in a beautiful location that make you love cruising.

Evan at East Boyd Bay
Nashira at Eat Boyd Bay

Afterwards we met up with a friend Chris on Galaxy III (and his son) who are also getting ready to sail to Tassie.  We compared weather window thoughts and boating stories over a few beers and nibbles.

It looks like there may be a possible weather window starting Wednesday,  otherwise Friday morning (actually just after 12 midnight Thursday night) is also looking good.   We wait and see.   Tomorrow we do the engine repairs and then we should be set to go.    Still hope to visit the whale museum though.




  1. Jean & Noel

    Woo hoo a weather window come on in! Hope it comes soon and the crossing is easy. Our good news is ….Noel had his drain removed after a very painful night and a trip to ER. Actually the drain started to eject itself so there wasn’t much option. Hopefully he will start feeling better now. Hello to Chris…
    Happy sailing ⛵️🌬☀️

    1. Kelly & Evan

      That is Good news about Noel!!! He was wanting that thing out. Noel, continue on your road to recovery and keep us posted!
      We finally got our weather window and we are on our way 🙂

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