Day 3 – Broulee Bay

Good Evening from Broulee Bay (pronounced Brow-lee not Brulee as in cream brulee).   We left Long Beach at Jervis bay by 5:30am.   Rudely awoken by our anchor alarm going off at 4:30 we took advantage of an especially early start to the day.

We watched the sunrise next to Point Perpendicular on our way out and the sun gleaming off of Bowen island immediately south of Pt Perpendicular was quite ruggedly spectacular.

Onward we headed south toward Eden.   We had a beautiful brisk North tailwind pushing us down the coast and we flew!  The winds increased to a steady 25 knots and the sea waves picked up behind us allowing us to surf the waves.     Steady Eddy our auto pilot did well until the following seas grew a bit too much at which point manual helming was needed.

We decided to stop at Broulee Bay, just south of Burrewarra Point, today as a southerly was predicted to hit around 2:30pm this afternoon.

Burrewarra Point

When we arrived at about 2pm we still had a pumping NNE wind so tucked Nashira up in the north corner next to Barling island by a beautiful beach (it was interesting to watch sun bathers completely ignorant of the wind we were experiencing) and waited until the Southerly hit and boy did it hit, about 6pm.

beach next to Barlings Island

We debated on whether to move to the south end of the bay and good sense appeased we did move.   Nashira is now sitting politely just north of Broulee Island with the brunt of the southerly being blocked although we are being rocked by a NE swell.

Tomorrow we are considering heading straight to Eden even tho a weak southerly is predicted as Monday we have a huge Northerly and seas of about 3 meters.     So for now a good night sleep and lets see what the weather gods produce for us.





  1. Brooklyn Clark

    Yay! Go guys!
    Love the website, makes it much easier for me not to freak out haha you guys are killing it 😀 let me know when Evan catches a fish! Love you both xxxxx

    1. Kelly

      Haha Love your comment! We sure will let you know. I am sure it will be hysterical and I hope I capture it on video xoxox

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