The day before we leave

We leave tomorrow!  Weather permitting of course.   Today is Crazy!  Actually everyday since last Friday has been crazy.   Evan has been at the marina now changing engine oil, re rigging spinnaker pole sheets, and doing general all around tinkering to make sure everything is shipshape.   Ohh… As I write Evan just sent me a text message saying that the main topping lift is stuffed and needs replacing,  good grief.   Thank goodness Dion and Gus our riggers at Middle Harbour Yacht Club have taken the time to check this for us today.   So ad another item to the ‘to-do’ list!  Evan will be busy with them getting this fixed.

I have not stopped,  it seems like my list of chores just keep growing.   We keep thinking of things we have forgotten like hiking boots and the fishing pole from storage.   I have been working on victualising (stocking up on food) for the last 2 days.   there is a lot to this,  first made a spread sheet of what was needed.   2 weeks food to start out with restocking possible down the coast until we get to Eden.  Then approximately 58 hours straight to Wineglass bay in Tassie (if we don’t stop).   But all this is practice for when we sail around the bottom of Tasmania and up to Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour.  where we will need up to 4 weeks food stuff with no restocking available.    So on Monday I bought all the dry stuff  (thank you Rebecca for coming along and helping) Tuesday I bought packaged wet stuff,  Meats (got the butcher to vacuum package all the meat so it will last longer,  yoghurt, humus etc. (thank you Brittany for coming along and helping!)  and today I get the fresh fruit and vegies.

I have been reading many sailing blogs looking for hints on snacks and easy meals especially when we do the non-stop for a couple of days (still not sure how I am going to do with 3 or 4 hours sleep at a time then sailing, time will tell.   Thank you Michele for the rissole idea,  I am cooking them now in the background (sizzle, sizzle, taste – yummy).

I have discovered using a vacuum food sealer and played with that this morning.  I have vacummed my home made muesli, biscuits, fruit and nuts.   It is so easy and really compacts foods.

Okay I better run,  got to go finish the laundry and head to the post office.   Then time to Pack!!

Catch you all next time.




  1. Hope all is well

    1. Kelly & Evan

      Thank you Dot and Max, btw we shared some of the fruit cake you make with friends in Jervis bay. got a big thumbs up!!! best emergency food ever.

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