1. Jean & Noel

    Hi Kelly & Evan….sorry I missed your call. We are thinking about you and know that this is such a fantastic experience….wish we were there too. Looking forward to hearing about it and living vicariously through you. Smooth seas and favourable winds…..we will track you & send soothing vibes. Love Jean & Noel

    1. Kelly & Evan

      Thank you and Happy Birthday Jean!! Lots of Love from Kelly and Evan

  2. Rebecca

    Tracking you every day love the progress. Have fun how you both holding up!!

  3. Rebecca

    Doing a nice 7.1 very very very nice way out of the bigger wide open Seas I’m very jealous I love you millions hope you’re well big hugs take care

    1. Rebecca

      This is getting addictive I log in god knows how many times a day just to see how you guys are this is better than any reality show love you both miss you both and Max is doing really well he’s a happy boy

      1. Kelly

        HI Bexy! Hey we are trying something new today. I am hoping that you will get an email response to your response. Let me know if you get this message. xoxoxoxo Kel

  4. Rebecca

    Made land so happy .
    I have booked you in for the boxing day race lol. You would win no problems A….

    1. Kelly & Evan

      LOL! Just making it there would be good! Nashira took a pummeling during the night passage with high winds and 2.5 meter swell/waves. We were so tired when we reached land. I will write it up in blog day 8. Love love love Kelly and Evan

  5. Rebecca

    So thats why i rolled out of bed…..

  6. Rebecca

    Tell me if you find the edge of the world its down there some place .look right as there is a big blowhole it said on the map … there she blows.

    1. admin

      LOL!!!! Okay we are looking!

  7. Lian

    I am finally with internet after an Optus outage lasting a few days and just beginning to follow your journey ! I am about to keep reading so slow down a bit while I catch up !!! great adventure and a lovely time together . love Lian

    1. Kelly & Evan

      Lol! Okay, we will take a break in Hobart for the week xoxo

  8. Howard

    Wow! Looks like a great break! Bit of an extreme way to deal with the hot weather in Sydney though!

    1. Kelly

      HI Howard, I hear it is bucketing rain in Sydney! It is dry but windy in Hobart at the moment. Seems like we did good escaping for the moment anyway!

  9. Rebecca

    I have been told thats a great position!!!!!

  10. Rebecca

    Raining and bit chilly. More pics please . Your boy is doing fine. We just watched Night at the Museum Max loved all the animals went wild over there dinosaur….

    1. Kelly

      Hello Bexy!! We are finally back in the land of phone reception. Glad to hear you and Max are fine, thank you for the max and charlie photo. I have left a phone and text message for you so reach me when you have some time and space. xoxoxo

  11. Rebecca

    You not going all the way round??

    1. Kelly

      No, we are going to start working our way back up the East coast. We missed so much on the way down and took the weather windows as they came up. Now we get to explore a bit 😀 xo

  12. Rebecca

    Well done you really did rocket, that is quick.
    on to dry land well done
    Enjoy every minute of that boat and each other. Hugs for both of you Max is a happy boy and looking forward to seeing you both. Me tooooo.

    1. Kelly

      So looking forward to seeing max and giving him a big hug, you too!!! Now to get good weather to get back to Sydney. Can you have a talk to the weather gods, hint hint. xoxo

  13. Rebecca

    Take your time storms coming down from north. There is no rush keep the fun boat going. He knows you are coming max gave a fishing show hell last night. So many hugs are here for you both…..

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