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Lord Howe Island – Part 3 – Jan 2018

On Our Way Home———————-

The seas are calm and the day sunny and warm, the breeze SE fills our sails nicely and the current is pushing us to the mainland. We are expecting the wind to change to an Easterly then...

Lord Howe Island – Part 2 – Jan 2018

After snorkeling at Neds beach we went to find Arajilla, a boutique resort built and owned by the well known sailor and entrepreneur Bill Shead and his wife Janne.  They created Arajilla over 30 years of hard work and when we...

Lord Howe Island – Part 1 – Jan 2018

After returning from Tasmania last year life got busy. We renovated our little apartment, work responsibilities increased, study is on-going. Our wonderful Middle Harbour Yacht Club has a new Cruising Captain in Evan and I am now Secretary of the...

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Travelling to Tasmania? Understanding Tas Maritime Radio communications
Part #1: Cruising sails? Why we chose the sails we did for Nashira.